Women’s Philanthropy: What Women Want

Women’s Philanthropy: What Women Want

what women want - women philanthropy

what women want - women philanthropy“Men give more than women”.

“It’s harder to raise funds for girls’ schools”.

“There’s no point meeting with Mrs Smith if Mr Smith can’t attend”.

Although women’s philanthropy is nothing new, it is commonly underestimated by fundraisers. So why aren’t more women giving to your organisation?

More women have been progressively giving more money to charitable organisations for some time now. We have the data to prove it. We also have access to a growing body of research into gender differences in motivation and giving behaviour.


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What we know about women’s motivations for giving and decision-making

We know that marital status, gender of children, number of children, religious affiliation, access to tax incentives and access to networks, among many other factors, can impact on motivations for giving and decision making for women and for couples.


– Women want to make a difference

In couples, when the wife is the sole decision maker, the household is more likely to be motivated to give by spontaneously responding to a need, believing that their gift makes a difference.


– Women are more likely to be motivated to give because of their political or philosophical beliefs


– Single women spread out their giving more than single men

However, high-net-worth women look very similar in giving in comparison to high-net-worth men.


– Female-deciding households are more likely to give to youth and family, health, and international causes

Whereas, male-deciding households are more likely to give to religion, education, and other causes.


– Women seek connection when it comes to the causes they support


– Tax deduction is important for women, with women donating higher proportion of their income than men

More women claim tax deductions than men.


This is just a taste of what we are beginning to learn. While much (but not all) of comes from the United States, to ignore it would be at great disadvantage to the organisations we serve. There is much that Australian and New Zealand audiences can learn from this research both in terms of how to best engage women and what they may be interested in supporting.


How to raise more funds from more women

If you want to raise more funds from more women, especially through your major gift or bequest programs, consider what we know about the unique gender differences and the implication of this information for your engagement, messaging and fundraising activities.

While nothing overrides what we know about an individual, until such a time generalisations can be incredibly helpful.


If you want to learn more about women’s philanthropy and implications for fundraising strategy, download our webinar on this topic.


We explore the latest trends in women’s giving, attributes in women donors, strategies for raising funds from women, when to use Giving Circles, women as volunteers and involving women in capital campaigns, and how to promote bequests to women.


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