The words ‘strategy’ and ‘strategic’ are arguably among the most misused words in management and leadership. In fundraising practice, as with many other areas of specialty, the use of ‘strategic’ as an adjective or label often occurs and usually implies something better than what might otherwise be the case. So what is a strategy? Can you define what the word means in 25 words or less? What is it that sets ‘fundraising strategy’ apart from anything else in fundraising? Any fundraising organisation would benefit by improving their fundraising strategy, no doubt, but where do you start? After you have developed the best plan and strategy imaginable the whole effort can still crumble through poor implementation and discipline, so what can fundraisers do to avoid that? This webinar includes:

  • The meaning and implications of strategy and being strategic

  • The elements of fundraising activity and practice that are required to develop strategy

  • The process of developing a strategy (or strategies) that will improve fundraising practice and performance

  • Ways of dealing with some of the common pitfalls of implementing plans and strategies


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