The issue of return on fundraising investment (ROFI) raises good questions that each non-profit needs to answer. Experienced fundraisers will know that different types of fundraising activities produce different levels of return on investment. Some media reporting and public debate on this issue remains frustrating. This webinar draws on AskRIGHT research into audited financial data across a range of different fundraising activity types from over 20 Australian non-profits stretching back nearly 10 years. This webinar includes:

  • For every dollar invested in fundraising, which activities deliver the best return? Events? Direct Mail? Major Gifts? Bequests? Something else?

  • Does the maturity of the fundraising program matter?

  • How should the return on investment matter when planning for the next year?

  • Should ROFI results be used to change the mix or balance of fundraising activities being utilised by a non-profit to improve overall results?

  • What are the expectations of CEOs, CFOs and Boards for ROFI and what should those expectations be based on?

  • What are the facts? What are the figures? Where is the credibility?

  • What should be the cost of fundraising? What should be the return on investment? Are they in fact the same question?



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