For many non-profit organisations, identifying useful benchmarks for fundraising performance remains a constant challenge. This webinar will present what are arguably the most credible benchmarks available that do not rely on surveys or narrow data sources. These benchmarks are useful insofar as they provide the most objective reference for assessing your current fundraising program performance and determining what changes you can make to improve your program. The data and analysis insights presented in this webinar are drawn from ATO data sources that offer considerable credibility. This webinar is for anyone in fundraising – from new staff through to experienced practitioners, executive leadership, and board members. This webinar includes:

  • How the change in data over time can be used to judge if your program is achieving results consistent with taxpayer donation activity during the same time

  • How the data can be used to rate and rank the potential of your supporters in a way that enables your organisation to use fundraising resources more efficiently and effectively

  • How to use this information as a benchmark to identify potential improvements in particular parts of your fundraising program



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