Wealth-X Philanthropy Report [Press Review]

Wealth-X Philanthropy Report [Press Review]

philanthropy report

Article selected by Daniel McDiarmid, Principal Consultant

Wealth-X Philanthropy Reportphilanthropy report

Wealth-X, December 2015

The 2015 report is both revealing and timely — it uncovers differences in giving among ultra-high net worth (UHNW) donor groups and highlights how the ultra wealthy are directly helping to address the refugee crisis in Europe.

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Daniel’s Comment:

Is it useful to compare philanthropy by very wealthy people in different countries? While philanthropy-watchers will be interested in this report I don’t think any of its subjects – people with assets over $42.5m — will be reading it or giving more because of it. The report looks at differences in giving according to many variables. The differences by religion are fascinating, but local commentators will point out those figures that make our own people look less generous than others. Read the report for its discussion of philanthropy for the refugee crisis.

Dr Daniel McDiarmid

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