Thinking of a Fundraising Campaign?

Thinking of a Fundraising Campaign?

Thinking of a fundraising campaign

Thinking of a fundraising campaignA fundraising campaign is an intensive effort to raise extraordinary gifts for high priority projects. A comprehensive fundraising campaign raises funds for projects from across the institution and usually counts all contributions during the campaign period.


A Fundraising Campaign is:

  • An opportunity to raise more funds for key projects
  • A way to engage volunteers for intensively
  • Longer in planning than you probably think
  • An effective way to unite the institution
  • An opportunity to promote the institution’s vision for the future
  • Likely to improve fundraising across the institution


A Fundraising Campaign is not:

  • Business as usual
  • Magic
  • A sure-fire formula
  • An activity only of the fundraising office
  • Free
  • Cheap (think 10% of campaign goal in additional expenditure)
  • Going to fund all priority projects
  • Not necessarily completed within the term of a single leader


Good Reasons To Have A Fundraising Campaign Now:

  • Because our donors want to do more for us
  • Because some of our projects would greatly benefit our mission

Poor Reasons To Have A Fundraising Campaign Now:

  • Because another organisation has one
  • Because we don’t have enough money for current projects
  • Because some areas need to lift their performance


What Does Getting Ready (Early Campaign Planning) Look Like?

  • No one knows the $ target
  • No one knows when the Fundraising Campaign will launch
  • Potential donors (from top value down) are being identified and engaged
  • The Case for Support is being developed in conversation with potential donors
  • Projects are being identified (usually through a top-down, bottom-up process)
  • An interim committee works quietly on selecting campaign chairs
  • Training begins for board, senior staff, and others


AskRIGHT Fundraising Consultants can help you plan and implement a successful fundraising campaign. Call 1300 758 812 (AU) / 0274 929 636 (NZ) or email us at

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