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Wayne McKenzieSenior Consultant

: New Zealand (Auckland): +64 274 929 636: w.mckenzie@AskRIGHT.com: mckwayne

Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), FFINZ, DipFA, Dip Theol, Dip Educ

Your Fundraising Consultant

Wayne has worked with medium and large charities with local, national and international reach. These organisations have engaged Wayne to support annual campaigns from $1 million to capital campaigns exceeding $30 million.

His consulting services and advice spans:

  • Strategic planning and fundraising audits

  • Annual fund programs

  • Direct marketing

  • Major gift and capital campaign planning and mentoring

  • Special events

  • Bequest promotion

  • Database analysis


Wayne is innovative, creative and always looks for a better way to achieve results with lean resources. His involvement has doubled the income of some traditional appeals and elevated organisations to an ongoing platform of success.

Working with me clients can expect that I will listen to them, help them overcome issues, bring out the best in their abilities and get their programs up and running. I have vast experience and can help fundraisers, CEOs and boards to ‘know what they don’t know’, build relationships with donors and increase capacity with an economic approach.


  • Fellow Fundraising Institute of New Zealand

  • Committee Member Fundraising Institute of New Zealand

  • Member Philanthropy New Zealand



  • Premier Award for Fundraising Excellence

  • Henry A Rosso Award for services to fundraising in New Zealand



Wayne commenced his career as a teacher before moving into pastoral ministry. It was in this role, for the Baptist Churches of New Zealand, that Wayne recognised the need for fundraising so that more could be done for the community.

Following Wayne’s success at the Church, he continued to progress his fundraising career with Saint Kentigern College, The University of Auckland, Child Cancer Foundation and Leprosy Mission before moving into consultancy. He joined AskRIGHT in 2011.

With a career spanning 30 years in the not for profit industry, Wayne has a wealth of knowledge and passion and has been a strong advocate for driving the sector forward. He personally believes in educating people on the positive impact of fundraising and he encourages boards and CEOs to resource fundraising for the greater good of causes.

As a fundraising teacher and mentor, I enjoy working with passionate fundraisers and empowering organisations to reach out – this has impact, creates a ripple effect and changes lives.

Client Testimonials

I first heard Wayne McKenzie when he was the keynote speaker at a FINZ Training Seminar. I was very impressed with Wayne’s deep knowledge of fundraising, particularly his ability to convey the art and science of fundraising in a coherent, logical manner to inexperienced fundraisers. I then went on to work with Wayne in my role as a fundraiser for a higher education institution. The consultancy was employed to conduct a campaign feasibility study. Wayne, as the principal consultant, was a pleasure to work with. He was never reluctant to share his knowledge and experience; to advise when appropriate; and to provide solutions that would empower my institution’s philanthropic interests. There is an art and science to fundraising – done incorrectly it can cause serious harm to your institution’s fundraising efforts. Wayne always put the interests of philanthropy first, and displayed a high level of professionalism, fundraising expertise and integrity. With Wayne’s deep experience and commitment to philanthropy, and willingness to share his knowledge, I am happy to recommend him to all potential clients.

Sharon Roux, formerly Fundraising Manager, The University of Waikato

Wayne McKenzie is an experienced and professional fundraiser. He understands the importance of working with organisations to ensure both their immediate and long-term fundraising goals are achieved. Wayne has the ability to develop the skills and confidence of people working at all levels in an organisation, helping them understand how their role in the fundraising process impacts on overall success. Organisations also have the added advantage of benefiting from the collective expertise of Wayne’s fellow fundraising consultants.

Rose Crossland, formerly Director of Development, Christ College

Wayne McKenzie has been associated and involved with MAFNZ for about seven years as our Fundraiser, then latterly as Fundraising Consultant. Wayne has shown tremendous skill in identifying our needs, giving strategic direction and applying the correct constituent focus. He has helped develop an effective acquisition tool that brought significant ongoing results for us. He was able to provide a springboard to the development and ongoing Direct Mail program, which has brought good outcomes. He has guided and directed the executive to understand the strategic fundraising direction and aided the preparation of documents for the Board including Board training. Wayne brings fresh ideas to the organisation and from his vast experience and involvement in fundraising for not-for-profits he understands the key and current issues in the sector and the challenges we face. He is approachable and listens carefully. Wayne has been very helpful in identifying key strategies for fundraising and moving our organisation toward the achievement of those strategic goals within our particular parameters and constraints

Mark Fox, CEO, Mission Aviation Fellowship NZ


Fundraising Commitment

Wayne is a foundation member, former Chairman and current committee member, tutor and speaker with the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand. He was heavily involved in establishing the organisation to elevate the status and expertise of professional fundraising in New Zealand.

Wayne has a broad knowledge of all aspects of fundraising, and is generous in sharing his knowledge with others, both formally and informally. His strategic approach results in practical plans and clear goals. He is remarkably undeterred by obstacles that would discourage others, and hugely encouraging of others.

– Carol Painter, CFRE, FFINZ, Former President, The Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (Inc.)

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