Tony Bretherton

Tony BrethertonSenior Consultant

: Australia (Perth): 1300 758 812:

MMS (Marketing and Corporate Communications), PGDip (Marketing; Business Studies), Dip (Communications; Licentiate of Theology; Scholar of Theology; Public Speaking), BA

Tony Bretherton has led successful fundraising strategy and major campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and England for nearly three decades.

Tony has been Director of Development and Community Relations at Xavier College, Melbourne and previously at Geelong Grammar School where he led the school to a campaign result of $31 million.

In prior appointments he led advancement at the 1100 year-old Wells Cathedral School, England; the University of Limerick, Ireland; and the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Tony has also led fundraising for social services at Presbyterian Support Services (Waikato) in New Zealand.

Tony is a member of Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (MFINZ) (since 1992), a Fellow of EducatePlus, is a former member of Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Commission on Philanthropy, and has twice won EducatePlus awards for large capital fundraising campaigns.

Tony’s skills extend beyond the non-profit sector. Tony has an interest in broadcasting and has worked with BBC and Radio NZ; he received the NZ Mobile Radio Award (1993). Tony is also interested in photography and film making, for which he has also received several awards, and was a firefighter for 11 years. He also claims experience on the high trapeze.

Tony is an impassioned fundraising professional who has developed successful fundraising strategies and improved the operations for not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand and around the world, including in Ireland, UK, and Hong Kong. He has built strong advancement teams in all institutions where he has worked and raised funds successfully from alumni and others in North America and Asia.

Tony’s Awards:

ADAPE Australia and New Zealand:

– Fundraising Award for Capital Campaigns over $1 million (2000)

– Presentation Award for Capital Campaigns over $1 million (1998)

New Zealand Fundraising Institute/New Zealand Post:

–  Direct Marketing Award (2000)

– Capital Campaign Award (1999)

– Direct Marketing Cup (1999)

– Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Fundraising (1997;1995)

– Direct Marketing Award for Telemarketing Campaign (1994)


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