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Marie-Louise Van SpykConsultant

: New Zealand (Christchurch):

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With three years of intensive fundraising experience in London, Marie-Louise brings international knowledge and expertise to non-profits in New Zealand and Australia. As a fundraiser in the sector, Marie-Louise has previously worked with small teams with a wide remit, giving her the opportunity and scope to experience a range of roles and responsibilities within fundraising.

Marie-Louise is an excellent communicator who excels at finding creative and innovative solutions for her clients. She is hard-working and professional, delivering excellent client service and care.


Qualifications & Memberships

  • Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Cambridge



Marie-Louise has a background in fundraising from the United Kingdom. Working with Youth 2000, a youth organisation running faith-based youth events and festivals, Marie-Louise was responsible for creating and overseeing successful fundraising strategies. This involved working with volunteers and youth ambassadors, harnessing social media platforms, writing grant applications, making parish, and event appeals and building donor relations.

Marie-Louise has particular expertise working with Catholic not-for-profits. In the Diocese of Westminster, responsible for 220 parishes in the primary Catholic diocese of England, Marie-Louise oversaw offertory giving programs as well as fundraising for specific projects and capital needs in parishes. Additionally, she has worked with Caritas Westminster in social outreach, and for Bakhita House (a safe house for rescued female victims of human trafficking), and has played an active role in major donor events for the diocese (Cardinal’s Appeal). Marie-Louise has done consulting work for dioceses both in the UK and in Australia.



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