Dave Marsh

Dave MarshConsultant

: Canterbury, New Zealand: +64 272 418 825: d.marsh@askright.com

BA (Music), DipGrad (Marketing), Certificate of Christian Ministry

Dave has nearly a decade of fundraising experience working with a number of charities throughout New Zealand to grow their philanthropic income and raise awareness of their cause.

He has strong knowledge and proven success across the fundraising mix including direct mail, regular giving, grants, gifts in wills, and events.

Dave is passionate about helping clients raise more money through customised fundraising solutions and strategies.

Based in Canterbury – and available to work with clients throughout the South Island – Dave looks forward to talking to you about how AskRIGHT can help your organisation.

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Fundraising Consultants & Researchers at AskRIGHT
AskRIGHT fundraising consultants and researchers help non-profit organisations raise more money by providing optimal fundraising strategies, identification of donors and fundraising training.
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