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Chloe MarksResearch Officer

: Australia (Brisbane): 1300 758 812:

BA (English Literature and Writing)

Chloe researches Private Ancillary Funds and Public Ancillary Funds within Australia. She creates and updates entries for The Complete Guide to Australia’s Private Ancillary FundsTM, which is AskRIGHT’s online resource for charities and organisations across Australia seeking to generate revenue streams and identify new major gift prospects. Chloe also completes other research services offered by AskRIGHT.

Prior to joining AskRIGHT in 2019, Chloe provided administrative assistance and worked in the medical records department at a private hospital in Brisbane. Chloe has also worked in the Education sector providing one-to-one tutoring to early childhood, primary, and secondary school students.

For the past four years, Chloe has been completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland, where she majored in English Literature and Writing.

Through her academic background, Chloe is skilled in interpreting and synthesising information and composing engaging and informative text. Chloe is a compassionate person and is proud to support the not-for-profit and philanthropic sector through her work with AskRIGHT.

Chloe’s Research Services:

The Complete Guide to Australia’s Private Ancillary FundsTM

– PAF Director Screening

– New Prospect Generation

– Prospect Profiling

– Fundraising Strategy & Sector Research

– Wealth Identification Service

– Philanthropic Research



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