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Brad WeeklyConsultant

: New Zealand (Wellington): +64 027 777 2378:

BSc (Economics), MBA 

Brad has 11 years of fundraising experience, including 4 years as Director of Development at Central Washington University (CWU) in USA.

Brad was born in United States of America where he held management roles in the insurance industry. Brad commenced his fundraising career in 2008 at University of Auckland Business School (New Zealand) in a development role. He continued in this role for 4 years before moving to University of Wollongong (Australia) and the University of Waikato (New Zealand).

Brad has secured gifts for scholarships and research ranging from $10 thousand to $135 thousand, as well as bequests of $2 million. He is committed to fundraising career development and has attended multiple CASE conferences. Brad has volunteered at Habitat for Humanity in USA and New Zealand, Illawarra Cancer Carers in Australia, Red Cross in Portland, and Our Lady of the Lake Parish (Lake Oswego) in Oregon, among others.

Brad brings an extensive international network, a proven record of success securing funds, and a thorough understanding of fundraising for major gifts to the AskRIGHT team.

Brad’s Memberships:

– Presidents United to Solve Hunger at Central Washington University (Executive Committee Member, from 2016)

– Central Washington University Museum of Culture and Environment (Advisory Council Member, from 2016)

– Kiwi Expats Abroad – New Zealand & KEA China (Global Network Member, since 2007)


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