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Anna ApuliSenior Researcher

: Australia (Brisbane): 1300 758 812:

BFA (Interactive and Visual Design), BSc (Psychology)

Anna joined AskRIGHT to undertake research work for The Complete Guide to Australia’s Private and Public Ancillary Funds. Now managing that work, Anna has also taken on the role of PAF Guide Liaison Officer — a position which fulfils her desire to help non-profits do their important work. Anna heads the research work for the Guide itself and assists users of the Guide, ensuring they’re utilising it to their organisation’s potential. In 2019, she led the Public Ancillary Fund (PuAF) project, which involves adding over 1,300 PuAF entries added to The PAF Guide. AskRIGHT offers additional research services (detailed below), of which Anna manages and improves.

Prior to AskRIGHT, Anna has worked in the health care industry and in non-profit organisation management. She was also a Director for a quarterly print publication which spanned 7 issues and is stocked Australia-wide.

Currently embarking on her Honours year for a Bachelor of Science (majoring in psychology), Anna is researching multi-sensory perception; she is working towards psychology accrediation. Prior to this, Anna completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (majoring in interactive and visual design). Because of her background in design and psychology, Anna is working to improve the design and build of The PAF Guide itself.

Anna’s Research Services:

The Complete Guide to Australia’s Private Ancillary FundsTM

– PAF Director Screening

– New Prospect Generation

– Prospect Profiling

– Fundraising Strategy & Sector Research

– Philanthropic Research

What Clients Are Saying:

Greening Australia relies on Australia’s only comprehensive online Private [and Public] Ancillary Fund guide as an important and cost-effective resource to identify new Major Gift prospects and increase our fundraising revenue. Private [and Public] Ancillary Funds are an essential source of financial support for Greening Australia. From major gifts, to building relationships with trusted donors, and corporate sponsorship, The PAF Guide is a one stop shop providing everything necessary to connect with donors and develop new prospect and revenue streams.

Jonathan Duddles, Director of Development Greening Australia 




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