Rotary International: Making a Difference Globally

Rotary International: Making a Difference Globally

Rotary International

Rotary InternationalRotary International is a global network with 1.2 million members committed to making positive, lasting change at home and abroad. Committed to the ideal of service, Rotarians support a wide range of community projects throughout the world, working with schools and universities to achieve a range of shared goals.

Businesses and Community Leaders Working Together for Change

Participants in the AskRIGHT 2018 USA Advancement Tour will visit the Rotary International Headquarters, located in Evanston Illinois, where we will have the opportunity to learn how Rotary works with universities, schools and others committed to life-sustaining projects.

We will learn more about the Rotary Foundation who work with chapters to promote peace, provide clean water, improve maternal and child health, support education, grow local economies and fight disease. The work of Rotary in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has led to the virtual elimination of polio.

We will learn about its leadership program for dynamic young leaders, scholarships programs for students and for college graduates interested in conflict resolution or water and sanitation, working with local chapters, youth and community service exchange, and local grant programs.

An important and outstanding model for community engagement, philanthropy and making a difference, local Rotary chapters provide access to business and community leaders who are committed to making a lasting difference through their work with schools.

Participants in the AskRIGHT 2018 USA Advancement Tour, will get a rare opportunity to learn about the Rotary’s national and local programs and how to engage with Rotary to benefit the local community.


Numbers are strictly limited, so don’t miss your chance to visit Rotary International!

For more information on how you can attend, please click here. We look forward to seeing you there!

AskRIGHT 2018 USA Advancement Tour



Jim O'Brien

Jim O'Brien

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Jim O’Brien is a highly sought-after fundraising professional with more than twenty years’ experience fundraising leadership. He is committed to supporting organisations and communities raise more money and develop results-oriented strategies.

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