3 Reports to Monitor Fundraising Performance

3 Reports to Monitor Fundraising Performance

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There are three kinds of reports to monitor fundraising performance: Results, Philanthropic Leadership, and Activity.

Each report is shown below in this post, plus a completed example.

The Excel template is available with the designs and examples of each report in different tabs:


A database standard report should be developed that enables these reports to be produced on demand, rather than individually calculated.

After the first year, all reports should show previous year totals alongside the current year to date figure.


Results Report

Results are a combination of lagging and coincident indicators of fundraising performance: they show the combined benefit of previous, as well as current activity. It is useful also to note the key purposes for which in vivo funds are given to monitor whether funds are being raised for university priorities. Special campaigns or projects can be added to the list although they make year to year comparisons cumbersome.


Note that current pledge balance and current bequest intentions are total current figures not only new pledges and bequest intentions. The pledge figure is calculated as previous pledges, less pledges paid or cancelled, plus the value of new pledges. The bequest figure is calculated as previous pledge intentions advised, less bequests received (or cancelled), plus new bequest intentions advised.

Results Report Example

The items reported under “Purpose” will vary according to the institution. These might be specific campuses, programs, or projects.

This is a worked example of a Results Report with commentary.

Result Report Example - Monitoring Fundraising Performance


This report shows satisfactory Year to Date performance in most areas. It would be reasonable to ask why the decrease in bequest intentions. The likely answer is that one bequest had been received and that this amount was reflected in the YTD income figures (perhaps as unspecified).

Scholarships and prizes tend to come in at the time reminder letters are sent to donors, rather than evenly throughout the year. The good Year to Date performance in scholarships might reflect this pattern, or might reflect a genuine increase.


Philanthropic Leadership Report


Philanthropic Leadership is a leading indicator. Eventually, attitudes and behaviour of people in leadership positions has an effect on policies, practices (including staff selection and resource allocation), actions of staff and the response in the community which make a difference to the amount of funds raised.


Note that individual’s gifts are recorded in the first category for which they are eligible: i.e. the Senior Executive group, then Council (governing board), then Foundation. Note also, that the report counts number of donors, not number of donations (to prevent double counting of individuals).

Philanthropic Leadership Report Example

Philanthropic Leadership Report Example - Monitoring Fundraising Performance


If 2010 results continue to year’s end, this will be a very good increase in philanthropic leadership. Numbers of Senior Executive and Council members have not changed, but there are now more members on the Foundation Board – look for a correlating increase in the number of members giving as the year progresses.


Activity Report


Activities are shorter term leading indicators. By watching the Activities Report you can see whether the right things are being done to produce significant private revenue in the future. The activity, “No. of alumni giving this year and last year” is not itself an activity, but this measure will drive alumni fundraising to the correct emphasis on building recurrent giving.

Activity Report Example

Activities Report Example - Monitoring Fundraising Performance


There is a net increase of 40 prospects being actively managed at the start of the current year. This is a good increase. Perhaps it reflects increase in staffing, or Senior Executive or Foundation members taking an active role in prospect management.

There are only 20 contact reports received so far this year, so clearly many prospects that are supposed to being actively managed are being neglected. This is a cause for concern.

There is (relatively) an increase in the number of bequest visits which is good.

The increase in number of alumni giving in consecutive years is pleasing.



The Excel template is available with the designs and examples of each report in different tabs:


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