Recommended Books by AskRIGHT Fundraising Consultants and Researchers

AskRIGHT fundraising consultants and researchers have selected some recommended texts to help you with your fundraising.


A_Spirituality_of_fundraisingA Spirituality of Fundraising

– by Henri J.M. Nouwen

Desc.: Nouwen’s insights will shift your thinking about fundraising. You’ll never feel as though you are begging for money but instead view your work as true ministry. A must read for leaders in churches, nonprofits, ministries, and businesses!



AskingAsking: A 59-Minute Guide to Everything Board Members, Volunteers, and Staff Must Know to Secure the Gift

– by Jerold Panas

Desc.: As phobias go, asking for money ranks right up there with public speaking. Yet if we hope to raise funds for a worthy cause, it’s critical. Author Jerold Panas understands the art of asking like no one in America. As a staff person, board member, and volunteer, he’s secured gifts ranging from $50 to $50 million. Panas has harnessed all of his knowledge and experience and produced what is the bestselling fundraising book of all time. This one-hour-to-read classic will embolden you, your board members, and volunteers to ask with skill, finesse, and tangible results.


Fundraising-principles-and-practiceFundraising Principles and Practice

– by Adrian Sargeant

Desc.: This books offers a definitive text on the vital topic fundraising. It provides students of fundraising and nonprofit professionals access to the most relevant theories and includes concrete examples of modern fundraising practice. The book contains clear learning objectives, recommended readings, case studies, summary self-test questions, and exercises at the end of each chapter. The Principles and Practice of Fundraising comprehensively addresses all the major forms of fundraising and critical topics such as donor behavior and fundraising planning.


Achieving-Excellence-in-FundraisingAchieving Excellence in Fundraising

– by Eugene R. Tempel, Timothy L. Seiler, Eva E. Aldrich, Paulette Maehara

Desc.: The third edition of this acclaimed resource, Achieving Excellence in Fundraising, explains the fundraising profession’s major principles, concepts, and techniques. With contributions from noted experts in the field, and filled with illustrative examples, this book demonstrates why fundraising is a strategic management discipline and clearly defines each step in the fundraising cycle.


Fundraising-Mistakes-That-Bedevil-All-BoardsFundraising Mistakes that Bedevil All Boards (And Staff Too)

– by Kay Sprinkel Grace

Desc.: When it comes to fundraising, a lot is obvious to professional fundraisers. You know, for instance, that you won’t secure big gifts by writing letters. You know that special events can be an iffy way to raise money. You know you can’t ignore individuals and rely solely on corporations and foundations. You know … but do your board members and volunteers? Do they know what works in fundraising and what doesn’t? Many don’t, which is why Fundraising Mistakes that Bedevil All Boards (and Staff Too) is a great eye opener.


Capital-Campaign-from-the-Ground-UpCapital Campaigns from the Ground Up: How Nonprofits Can Have the Buildings of Their Dreams

– by Stanley Weinstein

Desc.: The nonprofit leader’s complete source on setting, pursuing, and meeting building campaign goals. Here’s the guidance you need to accomplish one of the most important steps in the growth of an organization: the campaign for funding and completing a significant building project. This book lays out a detailed road map for successfully managing all aspects of project realization. Moving easily from preparation to design to fundraising,Capital Campaigns from the Ground Up presents a comprehensive approach to coordinating these efforts.


Capital-Campaigns-Strategies-That-WorkCapital Campaigns: Strategies That Work

– by Andrea Kihlstedt

Desc.: One of the best selling books in its series, Capital Campaigns: Strategies that Work, Third Edition has served as a guide for campaigns of all sizes and configurations from small start-ups to colleges and universities. This book is a practical, hands-on guide to capital campaigns. It covers the field in its entirety and provides a useful, friendly, well-organized resource for novices and experienced professionals alike. Now in its third edition, Capital Campaigns: Strategies that Work, Third Edition has become a standard reference on this topic.


Fundraising-With-The-Raisers-EdgeFundraising with The Raiser’s Edge: A Non-Technical Guide

– by Bill Connors

Desc.: A non-technical guide to The Raiser’s Edge-the most widely-used fundraising database package on the market-for the fundraising professional. The first-ever guide to The Raiser’s Edge database package for the fundraising professional, Fundraising with The Raiser’s Edge: A Non-Technical Guide educates your nonprofit about what The Raiser’s Edge can do for you and will help you more effectively work with the staff who are responsible for data entry and output.


The-7-Faces-Of-PhilanthropyThe Seven Faces of Philanthropy: A New Approach to Cultivating Major Donors

– by Russ Alan Prince, Karen Maru File

Desc.: Seven Faces of Philanthropy introduces to you the Seven Faces approach—a powerful tool that enables development professionals to maximize their effectiveness when approaching major donors for gifts. The authors identify and profile seven types of major donors and offer you detailed strategies on how to approach them. Both novice and expert fundraisers will find this framework a valuable supplement to existing strategies and techniques.


Excellence-In-Fundraising-In-CanadaExcellence in Fundraising in Canada: The Definitive Resource for Canadian Fundraisers

– by Guy Mallabone

Desc.: A true collaboration of thought and ideas, ‘Excellence in Fundraising in Canada’ is designed to help practitioners learn about best practice and put the ideas into action. It contributes a uniquely Canadian perspective to the body of fundraising knowledge that exists, and includes contributions from 22 Canadian fundraising professionals, all leaders in their field – each providing a contribution with a Canadian point of view, and a Canadian perspective.


Philanthropy and the Arts, Jennifer Radbourne and Kenneth Watkins (Melbourne University Press).

Philanthropy And The Arts

– by Jennifer Radbourne, Kenneth Watkins

Desc.: Philanthropy and the Arts documents an emerging model of philanthropy that moves beyond the fundraising process to capture the essence of philanthropy in the intrinsic values held by donors, benefactors and philanthropic leaders. These values are the same as those that the arts bring to society, so the act of philanthropy itself embodies a commitment to ensuring the arts deliver for Australia a better community in which to live.

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