How To Raise Money from PAFs: a 7-Step Process

How To Raise Money from PAFs: a 7-Step Process

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Most PAFs (Private Ancillary Funds) are a structure through which individuals or families organise some of their philanthropy. In most cases, raising money from PAFs is similar to cultivating an individual for a major gift. A simple seven step process is as follows:


  1. Identify PAFs you feel are good prospects
  2. Research the PAF – identify the link
  3. Design a strategy for cultivating the relationship
  4. Build or cultivate the relationship with the PAF holders
  5. Ask the PAF holder/s for a gift
  6. Express your thanks
  7. Account for how the gift is used and the difference it made


The Complete Guide to Australia’s Private Ancillary Funds™ helps with the first three steps of the seven step process.


AskRIGHT advises that a PAF should not be treated like a grant application. It is also both ineffective and inappropriate to mail any other unsolicited material to all or most PAFs.


For more professional advice on any of the steps listed above, or if you need help with prospect research,  

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