Quality Assurance

Quality ISO 9001AskRIGHT upholds the highest professional standards in client service and commits to quality assurance by becoming the first fundraising consultancy in Australia – New Zealand to achieve ISO:9001 certification.

AskRIGHT systems were reviewed by SAI Global in 2017, and met the latest international Quality Standards, ISO 9001:2015.

With the ISO:9001 certification, AskRIGHT guarantees its focus on enhancing client satisfaction and always improving its services and performance. In other words, the entire company is devoted to providing high-quality services to clients, and has an effective system in place to support this.



Our clients learn a lot from our expertise to develop their fundraising, but we also take every opportunity to learn from our clients and continually improve our services. Our Quality Assurance also means that we have processes in place to ensure efficiency. Our clients can be sure we spend our resources and time effectively.

Daniel McDiarmid, Principal Consultant at AskRIGHT