AskRIGHT offers a range of fundraising research services to help nonprofit organisations find sources of funding. We have Fundraising Researchers throughout Australia and New Zealand available to identify high-quality prospects for your organisation. If you need further advice and assistance, our Fundraising Consultants can help you engage with prospects, ask for major gifts, and maintain positive relationships with your supporters.


We identify wealthy individuals & families, trusts & foundations, private funds, companies, and other sources of funding for nonprofit organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Using publicly-available information and pay-for-content sources, we can search both nationally and internationally to find high-quality prospects for your organisation.


If you'd like to know more about the individual prospects that we identify or that you provide, we can compile a basic or a detailed profile — including contact details, background, education, career, directorships and memberships, awards and honours, wealth, charitable activity and philanthropy, and any links to your organisation — or we can develop a custom prospect profile template in consultation with you. A risk assessment report for due diligence is also available.


We can help you with all aspects of securing a grant — from grant identification, grant writing, and applying for grants to monitoring acquittal and reporting requirements. We can also identify tenders and prepare tender responses. We gather the necessary information from your organisation and send you frequent updates on the progress and outcome of the funding applications.


Do you want to find the high-net-worth-individuals in your database? We can run a scan of your database against our list of over 13,000 Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) and Public Ancillary Funds (PuAF) directors. We can also provide additional director information to help you segment your database. (This service is available in Australia only.)

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