Private and Public Ancillary Funds: Will They Crossover?

Private and Public Ancillary Funds: Will They Crossover?

Private Ancillary Funds and Public Ancillary Funds

Private Ancillary Funds and Public Ancillary FundsAskRIGHT often highlights the opportunity behind Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs). What about Public Ancillary Funds (PuAFs)? The 2013-2014 ATO figures reveal 1,550 PuAFs also remain highly active. Our Fundraising Consultant Jeff Buchanan analyses the situation: will PAFs and PubAFs crossover?


The 2013-2014 figures for Public Ancillary Funds reveal 1,550 funds receiving more than $435 Million in donations. This is an increase of nearly $160 Million or 58% on the previous year. They distributed more than $330 Million, which is approximately $30 Million more than PAFs. The net asset base of the Public Ancillary Funds rested at more than $1.7 Billion in 2013-2014.


On these figures, it would be fair to speculate that during 2016-2017 the numbers of Public and Private Ancillary Funds will ‘crossover’.


That is, for the first time, there will be more Private Ancillary Funds than Public Ancillary Funds. The net asset base also becomes compelling as Private Ancillary Funds steam on past $8 Billion around the same time that the Public Ancillary Fund combined asset base breaks through the $2 Billion barrier.


Together, these funds will only increase their impact as a major force for philanthropy in Australia.



Interested in seizing the Private Ancillary Funds opportunity? These resources can help:


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– Contact AskRIGHT for a database scan to find PAF directors in your contacts ( / 1300 758 812)

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Jeff Buchanan

Jeff Buchanan

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