Phases of a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Phases of a Successful Fundraising Campaign

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Although fundraising campaigns have infinite variations in details, the successful ones follow a broad pattern that has proven to be successful over the years.

The following diagram shows the key phases of campaign-style fundraising. They are also characterised by extensive use of volunteers who give substantially and ask other for support, by sequential solicitation (asking the highest potential donors first, then others), and by a launch event held quite late in the campaign – once more than have the funds have been raised.

Phases of a Fundraising Campaign


Preparation Phase

  1. Check capability of fundraising office
  2. Choose projects
  3. Develop case for support
  4. Feasibility Study
  5. Prospect Research
  6. Campaign Plan

Intensive Phase

60% of Fundraising Target


  1. Recruit Chair and Committees
  2. Secure initial pledges
  3. Develop collateral
  4. Prospect research and engagement

Public Phase

40% of Fundraising Target


  1. Official Launch
  2. Announce target and results to date
  3. Continuing solicitation
  4. Plan community Phase

Community Phase

Exceed Fundraising Target


  1. Broad gift solicitation
  2. Fundraising events or other community contributions
  3. Conclude solicitation
  4. Donor stewardship

Closing Phase

Celebrate the Fundraising Campaign


  1. Announce results
  2. Donor stewardship
  3. Receive pledge payments
  4. Thank volunteers
  5. Retain staff

Are you planning a fundraising campaign?

AskRIGHT provides strategic consulting services to support your fundraising activities, including:

  • Capital campaign planning

  • Capital campaign implementation (advice, assistance and direction)

  • Campaign testing (feasibility studies, readiness)




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