PAFGUIDE | The Complete Guide to Australia’s Private & Public Ancillary Funds



The process of identifying Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) and Public Ancillary Funds (PuAFs) and gathering information is very time-consuming and often expensive for an organisation to do by itself. PafGUIDE is an “industry-insider” resource that provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on every Private and Public Ancillary Fund that is registered in Australia — PafGUIDE combines over ten years of continued research into one user-friendly online database.



Comprehensive details on over 2,700+ active Private and Public Ancillary Funds
Monthly updates of new funds entered, updates to existing funds, and cancelled funds
Ability to filter by funding categories and regions, distributions, and more, and search keywords
Functionality to save searches and favourite funds
Ongoing support and advice from the AskRIGHT research team

Subscriptions are available to not-for-profit organisations in Australia.




PafGUIDE is an AskRIGHT product:

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AskRIGHT upholds the highest professional standards in client service and commits to quality assurance by becoming the first fundraising consultancy in Australia – New Zealand to achieve ISO:9001 certification.





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