Matched Funding: Why don’t you use it more?

Matched Funding: Why don’t you use it more?

Matched Funding - Why don't you use it more

a great match - matched funding reportUK research has quantified the benefits of matched funding and given pointers on how to use it effectively.

Why is matched funding used so rarely in Australia and New Zealand?

The research shows:

– donors give 2.5 times when matched

– 84% say they are more likely to give if matched

– 37% of respondents said that they only gave to a matched funded appeal because of the match funding.


Matched funding was most likely to appeal to middle-aged, male, high earners. The report gives guidance on best-practice matching, and also warns against over-use.


What is your experience? Have you ever had a matched funder offer fail? Why don’t you offer matched funding more often? Join the discussion on LinkedIn!



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