Identify Priority Prospects for a Fundraising Campaign: Catholic Parish Prospect Rating Tool

Identify Priority Prospects for a Fundraising Campaign: Catholic Parish Prospect Rating Tool

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This method was developed to help Catholic parishes prioritise their engagement with prospective donors based on indicators similar to traditional fundraising indicators of Linkage, Interest and Ability. Here we use the indicators: parish involvement, interest in the project, participation in planned giving, and the potential gift capacity.

It can be adapted for use in other types of organisations.


Use this tool, comprising four rating elements, to identify priority prospects for a fundraising campaign.


How to use the Prospect Rating Tool

Assemble a small group of people to go through the parish roll and assign the values according to the four rating elements below.

Your top prospect will score 5AP and YorZ.

Look at the score assigned to each person. This can be used to help identify campaign volunteers, or to determine the sequence of asking in a major gift campaign.

Parish Involvement

1          No Involvement

2          School only

3          School and occasional Mass attendance

4          Weekly Mass and/or planned giving

5          Weekly Mass plus participation in committees or special roles


Interest in Project

A          Has been active in identifying needs and/or solutions to church needs

B          Interested and/or supportive

C          No involvement to date or not known

D          Disagrees with project


Gift Hope

P          Principal           $100,000 to $250,000

L          Lead                $50,000 to $99,999

M         Major               $20,000 to $49,999

E          Entry                     up to $19,999


Planned Giving

X          No

Y          Yes, envelopes

Z          Yes, direct debit


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