How to Identify the Special Qualities of Great Major Gift Officers

How to Identify the Special Qualities of Great Major Gift Officers

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Despite the current fascination of the fundraising world with on-the-street solicitation and crowdfunding, individual major gift solicitation remains (after bequest promotion) the most effective and efficient form of fundraising.

Yet many organisations find it difficult to recruit and retain great major gift officers. New studies are coming to the rescue, shedding light on the personal qualities that make great fundraisers. Two recent studies complement our work on Personal Attributes of High-Performing Fundraisers.


Leading UK philanthropy academic (and former fundraiser) Dr Beth Breeze has studied major gift donors for years. Now she has studied the fundraisers who bring in the big gifts.

US academic A.J. Nagaraj has also joined the discussion with a look at top fundraisers and differences with top salespeople.


Dr Breeze is in residence at the Australian Centre of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies for a short time. It is to be hoped that she will become a regular visitor.


BethBreeze-philanthropyCan fundraisers ever be too tenacious?

by Beth Breeze | Civil Society, 8 January 2013

Tenacity might be key to good fundraising, but, Beth Breeze asks, can British fundraisers afford to up their tenaciousness?

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What makes a top major gift fundraiser?

by AJ Nagaraj | Education Advisory Board, December 2013

AJ Nagaraj of the Education Advisory Board shares findings from his research into what makes a top major gift fundraiser in the age of venture philanthropy.


Download the presentation: Gifted & Talented: What Makes a Top Fundraiser in the Age of Venture Philanthropy? (pdf)




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