Grants for Charities 

What Are Grants for Charities?

Grants are an essential part of any successful integrated fundraising program. They can provide vital additional funds to extend the mission of the organisation and are often provided for special projects on a one-off or multi-year basis

Who Provides Grants for Charities?

The Grants in Australia 2018 Report published by Our Community Pty Ltd, Melbourne estimates around $80 billion is given away each year, the bulk of it from government, with that figure rising each year. Grants are provided by Local, State and Federal Governments in addition to Philanthropic Trusts and Foundations. AskRIGHT maintains a listing of 1,903 Private Ancillary Funds with assets of more than $7 billion.

Is Your Charity Eligible?

Different grants require the applicants to have certain legal status and structures to be eligible. The most common requirement is Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR1) status. Many Trusts and Foundations are legally required to only distribute funds to organisations with DGR1 status.

Organisations that do not have DGR status but may be eligible to apply for some grants include ACNC Registered Charity, Public Benevolent Institution (PBI), Incorporated Association, Unincorporated Association, Auspiced or Social Enterprise.

Organisations should check the eligibility requirements from the funder before preparing an application.

In the community sector, support is available for activities in the following areas:

  • Health – including mental health, diseases and conditions and research

  • Education – including all levels of education as well as vocational training

  • Arts and culture – including visual and performing arts, museums and cultural awareness

  • Sport and Recreation – including sporting activities as well as community recreation activities such as playgrounds and festivals

  • Environment – including climate change

  • Human services – including disability, women, seniors, homelessness, youth, migrants and domestic violence

  • Community and economic development including housing development and financial services

  • Public safety

  • Religion

  • Human Rights

  • Animal welfare

How Can We Help with Grants for Charities?

AskRIGHT provides a range of services, tools, and resources that can help you with every step of the grant application process, including defining a grant strategy, shortlisting relevant grant providers, obtaining guidelines, and writing persuasive applications.