25 Activities to Review Your Fundraising

25 Activities to Review Your Fundraising

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The activities listed here together comprise a high-functioning fundraising operation, however, the balance of these activities will vary depending upon the state of fundraising development of a particular organisation. You can use this table to review your fundraising activities.

Rating Scheme For Fundraising Review

L           Low (little or no activity)

M         Medium (moderate or adequate activity)

H          High (performing at the level of good practice)


List of Activities to Review Fundraising [1]The list of activities is based on fundraising tasks identified in Final Report of the Job Analysis of Fundraising Professionals prepared by Professional Examination Service, New York, November 14, 2003, unpublished.

Current And Prospective Donor Research

– Develop a prospect list by identifying individuals and groups who have the capacity and propensity to give in order to qualify candidates for further research and cultivation efforts.

– Analyse the prospect list using characteristics such as interest, values, giving history, and relationship to the Organisation to select potential donors for particular projects.

– Implement and use a data management system that stores information about prospects to enable retrieval and analysis.

– Rate prospects in categories of giving potential in order to prioritise and plan solicitations.

Securing Contributions

– Develop a compelling case for support by involving volunteers, staff, and other groups in order to communicate the rationale for supporting the Organisation’s fundraising program.

– Plan and evaluate the fundraising program

– Design and conduct fundraising training programs for volunteers, fundraising staff, and project staff.

– Ask for and secure gifts from prospects in order to generate financial support for the Organisation.

– Plan and implement cultivation steps for each major gift prospect, and record progress and activities on database.

– Prepare a bequest promotion program and seek bequest for the Organisation from members, former staff, staff and others.

– Prepare donor-centred solicitation materials in order to influence and facilitate informed gift decisions.

Relationship Building

– Initiate and strengthen relationships with all constituents through a systematic cultivation plan designed to increase support of the Organisation over the long term.

– Acknowledge and recognise gifts in ways that are meaningful to donors and appropriate to the mission and culture of the Organisation.

– Develop and implement a comprehensive communications plan in order to inform constituents and identified markets about the mission, vision, and values of the organisation, its funding priorities and gift opportunities.

– Inform constituents about the value of giving in order to promote a culture of philanthropy; increase awareness of philanthropy by members giving program, and staff giving program.

Involvement Of Donors, Community Leaders And Other Volunteers

– Create a structured process for the identification, recruitment, recognition and replacement of volunteers in order to strengthen the Organisation’s effectiveness.

– Engage volunteers in prospect identification, cultivation and solicitation activities in order to raise funds more effectively and efficiently.


– Incorporate the roles of philanthropy and private support in the Organisation’s strategic planning process.

– Design and implement short and long-term fundraising plans and budgets to support the Organisation’s fundraising goals.

– Apply appropriate human resource principles to build an effective fundraising team.

– Create gift acceptance and acknowledgement policies that reflect the values of the Organisation and that satisfy legal and ethical standards.


– Report to constituents the sources, uses and management of donated funds to preserve and enhance confidence in the Organisation.

– Clarify donors’ instructions and ensure that the intent of gifts is honoured so that the public trust is established and preserved.

– Ensure that solicitation of gifts is conducted within the law.

– Participate in relevant accountability and benchmarking activities.



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