Fundraising Coaching



AskRIGHT takes a proactive approach to empower fundraisers with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Our Fundraising Consultants have decades of experience in all areas of fundraising and will work with you to bring about effective change and higher performance outcomes.



  • Those who are new to the fundraising industry

  • Those moving to a new area of fundraising

  • Volunteers/Board Members who want to better understand their role in fundraising and build confidence

  • Anyone in fundraising who could benefit from coaching to improve specific skills


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My coaching with AskRIGHT was by far the best coaching I have had in my 6-year career in the fundraising profession. I have secured more meetings, developed skills and gained tools from which I can draw upon. I would highly recommend this coaching.

Michelle Di Lello, Development Officer at Murdoch University

I’ve worked with AskRIGHT for a couple of months as part of their Philanthropy coaching sessions and they have been extremely valuable. The consultants are very thorough with their time and ensure they provides context, relatable examples, and role plays of specific scenarios. I definitely recommend an AskRIGHT consultant as a mentor or a coach to anybody entering the industry, or wanting to hone their skills.

Chamira Gamage, Philanthropy Manager at Amnesty International

AskRIGHT brings insight and a brilliant understanding of the major donor journey. It wasn’t long before I put their methods into practice and now each and every donor visit is focused and productive. I know what to ask and how to listen. I am now seeing the returns on my commitment as donors become more engaged as we move them strategically through the donor cycle.

Nick Cartwright, Philanthropy Coordinator at The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

AskRIGHT has provided me with such practical coaching and wise counsel. I have been able to leap from the growth in my skills in a matter of weeks – securing more meetings and building more results in a shorter time. I can highly recommend their coaching…I have been able to leap from the growth in my skills in a matter of weeks – securing more meetings and building more results in a shorter time.

Jane Connolly, Philanthropy Manager at Amnesty International

We hired AskRIGHT to work with, support and coach our Development Officers. With their support and guidance, the Development Officers now embrace and understand the necessity of professionalising and accelerating their cultivation, solicitation and stewardship activities. Thanks to the AskRIGHT consultant’s instruction, candour and focus, our Development Officers demonstrate greater confidence, increased motivation and a better understanding of their responsibilities. AskRIGHT has helped us to significantly enhance the professional development of our fundraising team. I recommend the AskRIGHT coaching program to any organisation seeking to strengthen their major gift program.

Robin Sharp, Director of Advancement at Murdoch University

Hopefully there will be many more [six-figure gifts] to come. Thank you for all the coaching and guidance, it definitely contributed to the successful outcome.

Emily Connors, Donor Relations Officer at Catholic Mission