Free Fundraising Help

Free Fundraising Help

In these challenging times, the AskRIGHT team is here to support not-for-profit organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

CEOs and Heads of Fundraising are under enormous pressure to continue their operations in order to retain existing supporters and gain new donors in the midst of COVID-19.

The pandemic necessitates the need for organisations to make urgent – and, perhaps, major – adjustments to revenue strategy, including fundraising strategy.

Our team of professional and experienced fundraising consultants are highly skilled in emergency fundraising and will provide free consultations for nonprofits struggling at this time.

We also provide paid coaching services to prepare you and your organisation for a high increase in demand for your services and a decline in donations to help you:

Build relationships with your donors

Transfer from one type of fundraiser to another (event fundraisers to major gift fundraisers, for example)

Set up volunteer groups to help people in need

Develop and launch emergency appeals

AskRIGHT is here to support you   

OR Call 1300 758 812 (AU) / 0800 577 677 (NZ)

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Fundraising Consultants & Researchers at AskRIGHT
AskRIGHT fundraising consultants and researchers help non-profit organisations raise more money by providing optimal fundraising strategies, identification of donors and fundraising training.
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