Recruiting and Retaining Great Fundraisers

Recruiting and Retaining Great Fundraisers

The major asset of any not-for-profit is its people.  Attracting the right staff is essential not only to drive the right fundraising performance to further your mission but also to protect the integrity of your reputation with donors and supporters.

Improving your recruitment processes and understanding how to retain high performing staff will help you drive a more successful fundraising program.

This webinar is for not-for-profit CEOs, hiring managers and HR professionals.


We will show you:

  • What the research shows us regarding cost of high turnover and the impact on your reputation.
  • What a professional recruitment process looks like.
  • How best to use psychometric testing.
  • The AskRIGHT research into the attributes of a high-performing fundraiser and the profile of a high-performing fundraiser.
  • What the privacy legislation says about reference checks and how best to conduct them.
  • Tips to better manage the different recruitment steps: negotiating salary packages; helping the candidate confront the resignation process; on-boarding; on-going support; professional development
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