Fundraising Tips for Directors of Nonprofit Organisations

Fundraising Tips for Directors of Nonprofit Organisations

In small to medium organisations, CEOs and Board Members have a key role to play in fundraising. Not everything can be allocated to staff, and there are things that only Directors can do.

This webinar is designed for organisations with at least one fundraising staff member. It helps directors:

  • focus the CEO on fundraising
  • recruit and manage the fundraiser effectively
  • maximise the board members’ contacts and monitor fundraising results

We will show you:

  • The main fundraising options
  • Why directors’ details need to be on the website
  • Appropriate fundraising KPIs for the CEO
  • How to ensure good relationships between board and fundraiser
  • Steps to Identify potential donors amongst your friends and acquaintances
  • A plan for managing engaging potential donors
  • Why philanthropic leadership from the board matters
  • How you can practice fundraising
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