Essential Fundraising Learnings for Universities from the UK Advancement Tour

Essential Fundraising Learnings for Universities from the UK Advancement Tour

Last year AskRIGHT visited London with a group of university and school executives and fundraisers to learn about the UK’s approach to educational fundraising at some of Britain’s most successful fundraising institutions.
It was an interesting and inspiring week of case studies and best practice solutions in advancement from the UK’s leading fundraisers. For those who could not join us on the Tour we have selected some essential fundraising learnings for universities that we will present during this webinar. We will also discuss the application of these learnings in a local setting for universities in Australia and New Zealand.

We will show you:

  • Strategies for effective engagement with your global constituents and for raising funds in an international setting, particularly Asia
  • Why you don’t need to reinvent the campaign wheel – how best practice and process-driven principles for fundraising remain key for capital campaign success and raising billions
  • How to cultivate relationships with academia and university leadership, and increase their involvement in fundraising

Learnings are based on case studies and presentations from University of Oxford, King’s College London, London School of Economics, University of London, Sussex University, University of Liverpool and St Catherine’s, Cambridge University.

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