Bequest Conversations (NZ)

Bequest Conversations (NZ)

Cost: $200

Most organisations under-invest in bequest promotion.

The greatest fundraising opportunity for any organisation is to improve its bequest program.

Bequest programs can be more effective if they:

  • are based on current research about bequest donors
  • identify more bequest prospects
  • improve their communications with people about bequests.

Whether in person or by phone, how do you effectively speak with people about leaving a bequest to your organisation? This webinar draws on lessons from other professions that work with older people, and on some of Australia’s most successful bequest programs.


Topics covered include:

  1. Speaking with Bequest prospects for the first time
  2. How to talk with older people
  3. Sample conversations
  4. The telephone: yes or no for bequests
  5. Stewardship and recognition
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