Do you find it hard to prioritize your fundraising? This Project Priority Grid can help.

Do you find it hard to prioritize your fundraising? This Project Priority Grid can help.

In capital campaigns and major gift fundraising, it becomes necessary to choose which projects the organisation will prioritise in its fundraising.

Many organisations find this difficult – perhaps because all projects are important and it is hard to pick a favourite (like, which child do you love the most?). Or sometimes, different projects have their backers, it might be politically difficult to prioritise some over others.

The process which follows uses two key dimensions of project priority and assigns a numerical value – taking some of the emotional heat out of the discussion, and allowing a more rational assessment of project priorities.


How to use the grid

1. Rate all potential projects

Rate all potential projects on a 1 to 5 scale (with 5 being highest) according to the two values:

  • importance to society (which is what drives many donors)
  • priority for the organisation


2. Plot the results on a grid

Fundraising - Project Priority Grid


3. See the commentary

See the commentary on the quadrants in which the projects now sit:


These important projects are not valued by the organisation. They should proceed if they find a “sugar daddy” who will provide for them financially.


These projects are not of great importance to Society or to the organisation. They may be the pet-project of a single staff member. These are not a priority.


These projects may be important to the organisation but are unlikely to find potential funders as they address issues of little importance to society. Do not proceed with these projects until a number of genuine prospects have been identified.


It is highly likely that prospects will be identified for these projects, as they are important. They are also a priority for the organisation. These are the top priority projects.



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