Be funded every day with DayDATE®


DayDATE® is a unique fundraising platform and service that enables individual donors or corporate sponsors to support your organisation on a ‘Special Day’ of their choosing or a ‘Specific Date’ in the calendar. The donation or sponsorship amount is decided by your organisation and payments go directly to your organisation’s bank account. Supporters receive the right receipt for their tax records and acknowledgment in a banner on your organisation’s website on their chosen day or date. DayDATE® is available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada, and soon in the United Kingdom. 



Custom DayDATE™ website to enlist your supporters
Custom supporter video on your DayDATE™ website
Payments straight to your bank
Personalised message on your website for each donor or sponsor
Marketing tools to help you promote your DayDATE website
Easy monthly payments
Same-day copy of receipts and monthly summary reporting 





Is DayDATE right for my organisation?

Yes, if your organisation offers services most days of the year, is willing to recognise your daily supporters on your website, and has staff or volunteers to promote your DayDATE website to potential supporters. DayDATE is most beneficial for venues, such as galleries, museums, zoos, libraries, parks, gardens, medical facilities, residential care, cathedrals, shelters, heritage buildings, art centres, and so on, and services, such as helplines, social services, medical research, animal services, in-home services, food services, housing, advocacy, and so on.

Will a DayDATE website suit my organisation?

A DayDATE website is well-designed and user-friendly. The DayDATE website we create for you has a lot of customisation, including your choice of colours (choose two colours from a palette), your images, your logo, and agreed text about the work of your organisation. Each year we offer a major refresh of your DayDATE website at no additional cost.

Does my organisation need tax-deductible status?

No, DayDATE can support both tax-deductible and non-deductible activities. However, many organisations that have a DayDATE website are charities that can offer tax-deductibility. You can register and receive funds through DayDATE if you are a non-profit organisation listed on the charity register in your country of operation.

Donors & Sponsors

Who can support us through DayDATE?

Supporters can be individuals, families, trusts, foundations, non-profit organisations, or other entities that can donate or purchase a corporate sponsorship via your DayDATE website. You can also manually enter donations and sponsorships.

How do potential supporters find our DayDATE website?

Every organisation that uses DayDATE gets a unique website address, e.g. You can share this address to attract visitors to your DayDATE website. We will provide marketing tools to help you promote your DayDATE website, including sample scripts for emails, phone, letters, newsletter advertisements, newspaper articles, and social media posts.

What is the amount of a donation or a sponsorship?

The level of a donation or sponsorship for each Special Day or Specific Date is set by your organisation in conversation with the AskRIGHT DayDATE team. The amount of a donation and a sponsorship is the same, but sponsors also pay GST. Most organisations will have a standard rate for Specific Dates and premium rates for Special Days. Each Special Day can have a different amount and prices can be selected up to two years ahead.

Can the supporter direct where the money goes?

Your organisation can choose up to three destinations to receive donations and these destinations do not need to have the same tax status, as this can be specified for each fund. Sponsorships cannot be directed to specific purposes, as these are purchases of advertising, and go to the general purposes of your organisation. When you choose multiple purposes, funds normally go to your one bank account with information that identifies the ultimate destination for the funds so that you can arrange an internal transfer.

Supporter Recognition

How do we provide recognition to our supporters?

We will set up a banner that will display on your organisation’s website on any days for which you have a DayDATE supporter (a donor or a sponsor). We provide the code for your webmaster to install on the chosen page of your website and no further action is required on your part. As soon as a donation or sponsorship is received, we schedule the banner to appear on the date chosen by the supporter. Multiple supporters can be shown on the same day and the banner will usually run for 24 hours, but adjustments can be made. Each supporter can choose a brief message that will be displayed along with their name. For corporate sponsors, there can be a link to their company homepage, which helps with the authenticity of the sponsorship. We can also help you promote your DayDATE website by displaying a banner on other days, or, for certain times on other days, to encourage support and link to your DayDATE website.


You are encouraged to provide a secondary recognition for you supporters. This could be the display of their name on a digital signboard at your venue, or a physical noticeboard, or in a newsletter. We will discuss the best options for you before your DayDATE website goes live.

Cost & Revenue

How much does DayDATE cost?

DayDATE fees and charges include a one-off SignUp fee, a Management charge paid monthly in advance from the go-live date, and a Licence fee, which is a percentage of gross receipts (net of GST), paid monthly in arrears:


Option SignUp
(per month)
(per month)
Minimum Term
A AU$50 | NZ$50 AU$699 | NZ$749 0.9% 12 months
B AU$50 | NZ$50 AU$449 | NZ$549 1.9% 12 months
C AU$50 | NZ$50 AU$299 | NZ$349 5.5% 18 months
D AU$50 | NZ$50 AU$99 | NZ$149 9.9% 24 months


All fees and charges exclusive of GST. AskRIGHT fees are in addition to fees of your payment processor.


DayDATE fees and charges cover:


Set-up of your DayDATE website

Set-up of the banner to recognise your DayDATE supporters

An explainer video that is tailored to your organisation

Social media options for your supporters


Fees for additional services (if any) are paid monthly in arrears:

Consulting support ($299 for 1.5 hours)

Bespoke site development ($199 per hour)


What revenue can we expect from DayDATE?

We suggest you work on a basis of 150 Specific Dates in the first year, with net increase of 100 days per year until year three when 350 dates are taken and multiply this by the ordinary Specific Date rate. Here is an example revenue calculation using two different payment levels (and remember, these calculations do not include the additional income from Special Days):


Year No. of Days Annual Revenue $500 per day Annual Revenue $900 per day
1 150 $75,000 $135,000
2 250 $125,000 $225,000
3 350 $175,000 $315,000
3 YEARS TOTAL $375,000 $675,000





DayDATE is a fundraising platform and service developed by AskRIGHT:

Quality ISO 9001

AskRIGHT upholds the highest professional standards in client service and commits to quality assurance by becoming the first fundraising consultancy in Australia – New Zealand to achieve ISO:9001 certification.