How To Choose A Fundraising Consultant: Step 2 – The Selection Process

How To Choose A Fundraising Consultant: Step 2 – The Selection Process

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The Process to choosing a fundraising consultant

The important steps to choosing and engaging a fundraising consultant are:

  1. Prepare your brief. Be clear about what you want the consultant to do
  2. Identify the consultant, or make a list to approach, and request details
  3. Conduct an initial exploratory meeting with each one
  4. Invite the selected consultant/s to submit a proposal or tender. It helps if you prepare an RFP (Request for Proposal)
  5. Interview the shortlisted consultant/s and make a decision.


What essential information should the RFP include?

  • Scope of work
  • Timetable
  • Organisation background information
    • Major directions and strategic plan
    • Outline of fundraising program
    • Organisational challenges
    • Perceptions of organisations (positives and negatives)
    • Description of Board and their role in fundraising
  • Deadline for proposal and contact details


The Proposal

Information required in the proposal from the fundraising consultant:

  • Process they will use to conduct the work
  • Similar experience and organisations, with results
  • Preliminary schedule for conducting the work
  • Timetable for deliverables and reporting process
  • Fees and related expenses
  • Invoicing timetable
  • Who will conduct the work, with bio and experience


What criteria will you use to choose the right fundraising consultant?

  • The appropriateness of their response to your brief or RFP
  • Qualifications, experience and track record of the fundraising consultants
  • References
  • Is there a good chemistry, compatibility and fit with your organisation and team?
  • Are you confident these fundraising consultants understand and will represent you well?


Some questions you could ask the fundraising consultant at interview :

  • What do you see as the key challenges our organisation faces?
  • What unique opportunities do you see for our organisation?
  • How will you engage with and complement our staff, volunteers, and leaders?
  • What is most important about your company that we should consider in relation to this contract?
  • Who else in your company will be involved?


It is okay to be subjective.

You need a fundraising consultant you trust, who will always work in your best interests.


Next step: Contracting Consulting Services


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