How To Choose A Fundraising Consultant: Step 1

How To Choose A Fundraising Consultant: Step 1

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Most non-profit organisations don’t use fundraising consultants very often and are very nervous about doing so. This article guides you through some of the steps in finding and engaging the fundraising consultant that is right for your organisation.


Fundraising consultant: what to ask for

Be clear why you want a fundraising consultant. Perhaps you don’t have the time or expertise to address the issue; or because change will only occur if it has the stamp of external expertise.

Here are some of the main things that people ask for when they approach a fundraising consultant:


Initial contact with a fundraising consultant

Most consultancies will have an initial chat with you by phone, and then a no-obligation meeting face-to-face so that they understand your situation. These meetings are not free advice sessions and you shouldn’t expect to get all your answers in these meetings, but they can help you assess whether your fundraising consultant listens well, and quickly grasps the issues your organisation faces.



before contacting a fundraising consultant

When you contact a fundraising consultant, you can expect to be asked questions such as these:

  • What connection is there between the organisation’s strategic plan, and the desire for better fundraising?
  • What do you need the additional funds for?
  • Have your fundraising projects been approved by the board?
  • Will the organisation invest enough to give fundraising a good chance for success?
  • What obstacles need to be overcome for this initiative to proceed?
  • Do you want a consultant to raise funds for you, or help build your capacity to raise funds?


Next step: The Selection Process


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