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Fundraising Consulting Services

AskRIGHT fundraising consulting services are tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances. Some of these services are described here.

Strategic Advice

AskRIGHT provides clients with research-informed advice to devise their funding strategies and to guide them in their decision-making processes. Advice is provided on a range of critical issues such as leadership and organisational development, institutional planning, donor relationship management, market positioning, volunteer development and project planning. We also provide bespoke fundraising advice and fundraising coaching for senior staff and volunteers.

Campaign Feasibility and Planning

Successful campaigns are like precision timepieces with all of their parts moving in synchrony to achieve a single goal, and develop the individual potential of every donor. This, in turn, depends upon the preparation that has taken place before the actual fundraising begins. The first step in planning for a fundraising campaign is usually a feasibility and planning study, which is an empirical market analysis involving confidential interviews with potential high-net-worth donors and volunteer leaders to test the attractiveness of the fundraising campaign, evaluate potential sources of support, and identify key supporters and leaders.

Case Development

Building a concise Case for Support that captures the spirit and ambitions of the organisation is among the most challenging aspects of institutional development, especially when appealing to donor prospects across different countries and cultures. Through high-level interviews, literature review, and group sessions, AskRIGHT assists clients with distilling their vision and the opportunities at hand into a compelling argument for financial backing, which has the support of various stakeholders within the organisation.

Campaign Design and Support

AskRIGHT provides expert assistance to clients at every stage of a fundraising campaign, from development audit and feasibility study, through prospect research and campaign design, to volunteer recruitment, lead & major gift solicitation, and public appeal, to post-campaign assessment. Our Advisors have extensive first-hand experience running fundraising campaigns, and can ensure that realistic goals are set, leadership boards are well constructed, and sound plans are developed and executed, ensuring a successful and rewarding outcome.

Fundraising Assessment

It is an axiom of development that what happens before the fundraising begins is more important than the fundraising itself. To help clients examine the strengths and weaknesses of their operations and determine the tools and skills needed to achieve their goals, AskRIGHT performs strategic fundraising assessments. These involve interviews with key leaders and volunteers and detailed analysis of related internal structures and systems. In addition to an objective assessment of potential, the client receives a clear strategy with specific recommendations for improvement and a draft case for support.

Development Operations Set-up

For organisations that are just getting started with a systematic development program, AskRIGHT ensures they get off on the right foot by advising on the best structure for positioning it within the organisation to support the other functions. We also provide tools, training and guidance to managers and staff. AskRIGHT can even provide interim management while you recruit your new fundraising team.

Strategies for Philanthropy

For individuals, foundations and companies who provide the financial resources to bring about changes in society, conserve or preserve what is important, or improve the lives of others, AskRIGHT provides culturally-sensitive help in getting the most from their charitable investments. This includes advice on allocation, due diligence, and forming effective partnerships for change. Such advice can be particularly important to clients whose names and reputations, or those of their companies, are linked to a distinguished philanthropic legacy.

Development of Volunteer Boards

This critical area of advisory service is available to help organisations leverage their networks of influence, firstly by developing their volunteer boards (governing and non-governing) in more strategic ways, and secondly by mobilising them to work on behalf of the organisation. AskRIGHT provides training and advice to organisations and their leading volunteers on issues involving board dynamics, volunteer leadership, fundraising, and strategic construction and maintenance. This is typically undertaken through a process of interviews and bespoke training.

Consultancy Guarantee

AskRIGHT guarantees that its fundraising consultants will at all times act professionally, in the client’s best interests, and in a manner consistent with the Professional Standards and Ethics of The Giving Institute and the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand. Successful fundraising relies on many factors including perceptions of the client’s management and governance, the interest in the project, the willingness of the people to volunteer and solicit on behalf of the project, and ultimately the willingness of potential donors to support the project. AskRIGHT cannot guarantee that fundraising targets will be achieved, but does guarantee the quality of its professional services.


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We offer more than 100 years of combined fundraising experience.



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