The University of Chicago: a World Leader in Advancement and Philanthropy

The University of Chicago: a World Leader in Advancement and Philanthropy

the university of chicago

In August 2018, AskRIGHT is taking a group of leaders and senior fundraisers from New Zealand and Australia to Chicago. During this educational tour, participants will visit inspiring institutions and hear from experts about the key aspects of fundraising, alumni and donor engagement. The University of Chicago will be one of them.


the university of chicagoA world-class University in a world class city

The University of Chicago generates innovative ideas in fields ranging from business and economics to the sciences, humanities, law and medicine. It is a campus where big ideas that change the world are encouraged and students have the opportunity to learn from the world’s leading academics.


Learn from a world leader in Advancement and their $5 billion Capital Campaign

Visiting the University of Chicago while it is in the midst of a comprehensive capital campaign will be a great experience for those attending the 2018 USA Advancement Tour. Inquiry and Impact is the most ambitious campaign in the University’s history. Its aim is to raise $5 billion and engage 125,000 alumni to support faculty and researchers, practitioners and patients, and students and programs.

In the past decade, the University’s advancement program – both its development and alumni relations – has taken its place among the world’s leaders. As a small, relatively young and undoubtedly excellent university, Chicago offers important insights about the benefits of collaboration across traditional academic boundaries, building strong relationships with civic leaders and articulating its unique place within a highly competitive philanthropic market.


A History of Philanthropy since 1890

Established in 1890 with a gift of $600,000 (more than $25 million in today’s currency) from John D. Rockefeller, the University, along with its staff and students, have long benefited from the generosity of its benefactors. In recent years, philanthropy has played a major role in revitalising its state-of-the-art medical centre. There, they conduct ground breaking research and deliver the highest quality patient care. Philanthropy also made possible many other programs such as the new Center for the Arts, a newly named business school, a campus library, a comprehensive scholarship program for example.

The campus is home to International House, a residential college that provides students of different nationalities and culture to live and learn together, one of 17 affiliated residential colleges worldwide.

It also houses one of the nation’s leading private schools, the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, founded by renowned educator and philosopher John Dewey.


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