Free Checklist To Successfully Start Fundraising

Free Checklist To Successfully Start Fundraising

fundraising checklist

fundraising checklistIf you are embarking on fundraising for the first time or have just started fundraising for a new organisation, there is some key sector and internal information you need to have access to and knowledge of to ensure you start fundraising on the right foot.

The following information will guide and assist fundraisers, board members and executive staff involved in fundraising in their activities and operations.


1. Current Organisational Strategic Plan

Details organisational objectives (of which should include fundraising) to guide fundraising activities.

If your organisation isn’t introducing a fundraising program for the first time you may also have a Fundraising Strategy and Implementation Plan which will provide more detailed guidance for fundraising activities. It would also be useful to locate former organisational and fundraising strategy documents to develop your understanding of what your organisation’s previous objectives and activities have been. 

2. Annual Reports from previous three to five years

Annual Reports will show how the organisation has communicated its fundraising objectives, achievements and outcomes in the past to constituents.

Annual Reports will also often need to be provided when applying for grants and/or seeking sponsorship, or at the request of major donors and other interested stakeholders.

3. Financial Statements from previous three to five years

Copies of statements are often required when applying for grants and seeking sponsorship, or at the request of major donors.

They are also useful for a fundraiser to peruse so they can understand the financial (and fundraising) performance and position of the organisation.

4. Organisation’s constitution (or Trust Deed, or Articles of Association)

Point of reference for rules which govern your organisation including membership, voting, objectives and structure for decision-making and getting the work done.

5. Corporation status

Important for fundraisers to understand their entity and eligible status types, including charity tax concession and deductible gift recipient


6. DGR status

If endorsed as a deductible gift recipient it is important for fundraisers to understand what type of endorsement they have and what gifts are tax deductible.

A letter from the Australian Taxation Office provided at the time of endorsement will confirm your organisation’s DGR status and allow fundraisers to check for any limitations stipulated by the ATO. This letter will also sometimes be requested by potential funders.

7. Current key organisational projects and programs requiring funding

These needs will contribute to the direction of fundraising activities and financial targets.

8. Australian Tax Office guides and booklets

The ATO issues a range of guides for non-profit organisations including for fundraising and tax deductible gifts, of which will guide fundraisers in their activities.

9. Professional Development

Industry-based training based on sound fundraising tenets is important for implementing best practice in fundraising. Professional development should not be a once off but part of a continual plan for improvement. There are many training opportunities available for fundraisers ranging from beginner to advanced level from industry bodies and consultants. Visit our Training Website today to develop your fundraising skills.


Our fundraising consultants and our prospect research team create and select resources to help you develop your fundraising and raise more money for your nonprofit organisation. You are welcome to use these resources for your non-profit organisation, but acknowledgement of the source and ©AskRIGHT is appreciated.

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