Outstanding Philanthropic Support of Higher Education – 2016 Award

Outstanding Philanthropic Support of Higher Education – 2016 Award

Outstanding Philanthropic Support of Higher Education BHERT Awards
Outstanding Philanthropic Support of Higher Education BHERT Awards

Dr Daniel McDiarmid (AskRIGHT), Dr Jason Ketter (University of New England, on behalf of Max Shroder) and Ken Boal (B/HERT)

Every year, AskRIGHT is a proud sponsor of the B/HERT Outstanding Philanthropic Support of Higher Education award that recognises outstanding achievement in collaboration between higher education institutions and industry partners. It is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to the importance of philanthropy in higher education, and of saying thank you to your donors.

The 2016 award dinner took place in Melbourne on Tuesday 15th November.


In this extraordinary year for philanthropy in higher education, Max Schroder was rewarded for his Indigenous Scholarship Programme in collaboration with the University of New England.

Education has a vital role to play in the efforts to ‘close the gap’. Since 2008, Maxi Schroder has supported 32 scholars pursuing degrees in Education, Nursing and Law.


Dr Daniel McDiarmid, Principal Consultant at AskRIGHT, commented:

This award to Max Schroder has many important characteristics. It shows the importance of scholarships in encouraging participation, the importance of education for indigenous Australians, and the generosity of philanthropy in all parts of Australia including regional centres. Congratulations Max Schroder and the University of New England.”


The McCusker Charitable Foundation received the Honourable Mention for the Centre for Citizenship at the University of Western Australia. Dr Daniel McDiarmid said:

This “highly commended” award is also an important recognition, although it is an iceberg tip of the McCusker’s generosity. This program, which will provide 100 internships per year to address complex social challenges, will have a long legacy.”


All AskRIGHT fundraising consultants want to congratulate all the award winners and B/HERT for their work.


Learn more about the winners here

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