New Year’s Resolution: Nominate University Donors for B/HERT Award

New Year’s Resolution: Nominate University Donors for B/HERT Award


The New Year has started. Still, you want to tell your great donors from last year how much you appreciate them? Enter them for an award that recognises their philanthropy.

For universities, this means the Business-Higher Education Round Table award for outstanding philanthropy. For more than ten years, AskRIGHT has sponsored this award and university leaders have seen how delighted their benefactors are to receive this form of thanks – whether or not they win the award.

Many philanthropists are high-achievers and will see the university’s nomination as affirmation that they have done their philanthropy well. This will strengthen the bond with the nominating university and might encourage further contributions.

Of course, for the award-winners, there are further opportunities for the nominating institutions to create public recognition of the award – all add to the donor stewardship.


Watch Graham Tuckwell’s reaction about the B/HERT Award he and Louise Tuckwell received in 2013.


Everybody likes to see collaboration between institutions and some previous award nominations have been made jointly by several universities. This is a rare opportunity for fundraisers and leaders of institutions to stand together in thanking donors.


The list of award winners is impressive, and most have continued to support higher education with outstanding philanthropy.

  • 2006 Michael Hintze, nominated by The University of Sydney for support of the Centre for International Security Studies
  • 2007 Sir William Tyree OBE, the University of Sydney for support of the Laboratory in Power Engineering; and High Commendation for Ron Diamond nominated by Central Queensland University
  • 2008 Andrew Brice and Graeme Wood, nominated by The University of Queensland for creation of The UQ Endowment Fund; and High Commendations for The Pank Family (University of South Australia), Jennie Thomas (The University of Newcastle), and Robert Maple-Brown (UNSW).
  • 2009 David Gonski AC, nominated by the University of NSW for leadership in philanthropy, especially in establishing the Centre for Social Impact; and a High Commendation for Michael Crouch AO (also nominated by UNSW).
  • 2010 Greg Poche AO, for the Centre for indigenous Health nominated by Flinders University, Charles Darwin University, The University of Sydney, and The University of Melbourne
  • 2011 The Sidney Myer Fund and the Myer Foundation and Family, for ongoing and long-term support nominated by The University of Melbourne and Monash University, with honourable mentions to Macquarie Group Foundation (UNSW), and Olga Tennison (La Trobe University).
  • 2012 The Cowled Foundation for ongoing and long term support nominated by QUT
  • 2013 The Graham and Louise Tuckwell Foundation, for the Tuckwell Scholarship Program, nominated by Australian National University
  • 2014 The Origin Foundation for support of the NEDTS program, nominated by QUT
  • 2015 Westpac Banking Corporation for establishing the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation, nominated by University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, and Australian National University
  • 2016 Max Schroder, for the Indigenous Scholarship Programme, nominated by the University of New England.


You can start preparing your application now by browsing the B/HERT website for more information about the guidelines and the application process. Applications forms for 2017 nominations will appear on the B/HERT website. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a reminder!


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