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Giving USA 2019 Report: Giving trends in key findings

Giving USA 2019 The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2018 has been released. The report is […]


Donor Call Reports Are Critical For Securing the Major Gift

A donor call report — or what I like to refer to as an ROC (Report of Contact), […]


Why? Who? How Understanding Donor Motivation Can Identify New Potential Funders

What motivates an individual to donate to an organisation? There are many reasons people support a worthy cause. […]

Workplace Giving Is Changing - AskRIGHT-blog

Workplace Giving is Changing and Nonprofits Need To Change With It

The Giving USA Special Report (Autumn 2018) provides valuable insight into workplace giving. Workplace giving is defined as […]

Finding the Right Fundraising Campaign Chair-blog

Finding the Right Fundraising Campaign Chair

  A lot is required to execute a successful campaign and meet a fundraising goal, but one of […]