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CHOOSE YOUR FUNDRAISING STRATEGY APPROACH How do organisations choose a fundraising strategy? Here are four approaches we see […]

Fundraising Staff: Better Part-Time Than Mixed Roles

Trucking magnate Lindsay Fox is reputed to have said: “My biggest business decision was to get a second […]

How Fundraising Works

At its heart, fundraising for non-profit organisations means securing voluntary gifts of money as effectively and efficiently as […]

fundraiser board members

Fundraiser on the Board

Dr Gavin Nicholson, an expert on non-profit governance, spoke recently about the need for individual and collective accountability in board members. The occasion was the ACPNS/Windsor Recruitment careers night and he also spoke of the responsibility of those on the board with specialised skills to use those skills. In this context he raised the possibility of recruiting fundraisers to sit on non-profit boards.

PAFs turn their attention to new investment options

PAFs Turn Their Attention to New Investment Options. Can You Benefit?

Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) regulations have recently changed. The billions of dollars within PAFs are now more accessible to charities.