A Closer Look at PAFs in 2020: Part 1

BY CHLOE MARKS Last April, as the charity sector started to feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on services and fundraising, JBWere released ‘Where to from here? The outlook for philanthropy during COVID-19‘. The report used past trends to estimate the effect of a global health and economic crisis across the main types of philanthropy in Australia, including Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs):   One of the …

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Why printed Alumni Magazines are (still) really important

BY TONY BRETHERTON I just learnt from research undertaken by CASE that universities are investing 8% less in alumni magazines. And a leading Melbourne School is moving from a printed magazine to a digital version (with only limited numbers of the magazine to be printed in hard copy). The digital version will come with video links and it will cost (I imagine) so much less. Printing and posting fewer magazines and using the digital capacity …

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Understanding Ancillary Funds

David Ward (Technical Director, Australian Philanthropic Services) is considered a leading authority on ancillary funds and is the author of Philanthropy Australia’s Trustee Handbooks for both Private and Public Ancillary Funds.  Although one of the most popular philanthropic structures, a private ancillary fund (PAF) is not the only choice for donors who want to be …

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Case Study: St Luke’s Church, Flat Bush

How AskRIGHT is helping the Parish of St Luke’s to successfully raise money to build their permanent home in Flat Bush, a new and rapidly developing area of Auckland.

Refreshing Your Fundraising At Matariki

BY RACHEL JEFFERIES & VICTOR MANAWATU Matariki is the Māori new year. It is celebrated in early winter, when the star cluster Matariki (also known as the Pleiades) rises in the eastern sky.   Because Māori traditionally follow the lunar cycle rather than the Gregorian calendar, it’s tricky to pinpoint the exact time that Matariki will rise. The lunar calendar has 354 days, while the …

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AskRIGHT’s ISO 9001 Certification

AskRIGHT is proud to be the first fundraising consultancy ever in Australia and New Zealand to have achieved ISO 9001 certification. Every formal proposal that AskRIGHT creates – every feasibility study, campaign plan strategy document, or report provided to our clients – carries SAI Global’s ISO 9001 certification symbol:   ISO 9001 certification shows you that AskRIGHT is committed to quality. It assures you that we have best-practice …

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What Is Your Story? It Is More Important Than Ever Before

Your cause was important before COVID-19 and it remains so now despite the global pandemic raging on.   As many in the charity space strive to find their place in the new ‘normal’, it can be easy to forget the why that sparked their cause in the first place. The last few months have been a shock to everyone. Navigating how to operate and survive during this crazy time has understandably been the priority.   Now more than ever though, the why behind your …

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