5 Fundraising Books Recommended for Religious Organisations

5 Fundraising Books Recommended for Religious Organisations

5 fundraising books for religious organisations

Jennifer Eagar, our fundraising consultant in Christchurch (New Zealand), has extensive experience managing fundraising campaigns for religious organisations. She lists five books that religious organisation staff should read to improve their fundraising skills.


Forming Generous Hearts - Stewardship Planning for Lifelong Faith Formation1. Forming Generous Hearts: Stewardship Planning for Lifelong Faith Formation

by Leisa Anslinger and Victoria Shepp

This book focuses not so much on raising money, but rather building a community of generosity. Especially in religious organisations, that is where leaders need to start to then fundraise effectively. We know that donors have many, indeed hundreds of thousands of charities they can choose to give their money to, an organisation that fosters that sense of community giving will succeed.


stewardship a disciple's response2. Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response

by the Catholic Church

What I appreciate about this book is that it focuses on stewardship of donors, not just on fundraising. Fundraising is just one piece of stewardship, and understanding the whole picture leads to greater effort in growing a strong community financially and societally.

“This is the context of stewardship. Generous sharing of resources, including money, is central to its practice, and church support is a necessary part of this…. Concentrating on one specific obligation of stewardship, even one as important as church support, could make it harder – even impossible – for people to grasp the vision. It could imply that when the bishops get serious about stewardship, what they really mean is simply giving money.”


A Spirituality of Fundraising3. A Spirituality of Fundraising

by Henri Nouwen

I was first introduced to this book over a year ago. As I read through it, I appreciated how easy it was to read and understand. There isn’t much in the way of jargon and Nouwen focuses on making the case for religious leaders on how important fundraising is the spirituality of not only the donor, but also the requester, and the organisation.


The Holy Bible4. The Bible

Wayne McKenzie, my fundraising consultant colleague from Auckland, listed the Bible in his five favourite fundraising books. I agree with Wayne in that the Bible is one of the most powerful fundraising books to use when dealing with religious (particularly Christian) organisations. There are so many good examples in both the Old and the New Testament as to why people are encouraged to donate to a cause. I always include a scripture or three or five in my materials created for religious organisations. If you are working with any religious organisation, I would recommend searching their religious books for guidance and ideas.


We make a life by what we give5. We Make a Life By What We Give

by Richard B. Gunderman

From the description, these insightful essays show us that the key to more rewarding giving can be found by looking beyond mere donations of money. Exploring the ethical core of sharing and examining its importance for both those who receive and those who give, here is a book to deepen our understanding of what it means to share.


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Jennifer Eagar

Jennifer Eagar

Fundraising Consultant at AskRIGHT
Jennifer has worked with various non-profit clients in the USA and New Zealand, including food banks, higher education institutions, and religious organisations.

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Jennifer Eagar

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