A review of The 2015 Koda Capital Australian Giving Review

A review of The 2015 Koda Capital Australian Giving Review

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My first impression of this report is that it had borrowed extensively and without attribution from a range of other reports, especially the annual study of tax deductible donations produced by the Australian Centre of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies. However, I concede that the authors may have gone back to source information of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and it is to be expected that the output would look the same as the graphs and tables of others who have gone there before.

The reproduction of the ABS data on voluntary is useful (yes, volunteering is declining but a change in definition to include corporate volunteering may soon give the appearance that volunteering is increasing), as are the comments on the stagnation of workplace giving and how it might be given fresh impetus. The lifts from the Giving USA report on the state of philanthropy in the USA add little to our understanding of giving here.

If you do take the time to read this report, don’t stop before the end. Perhaps the best section is the section on “Growing Giving in Australiawhich very briefly describes some of the ideas that could grow the charitable pie in Australia, including charitable remainder trusts, and expanded rounding programs.

There is also a section on reasons for giving, with the obligatory quotes from Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela. The report misses the point that we have great, even astonishing examples of philanthropy in Australia and we should be quoting great Australians so that we build awareness and confidence of ourselves as a giving country.

Every company that wants to earn fees from investing charities’ reserves and from advising wealthy people establishes its credentials by issuing a report on wealth or philanthropy. These include, amongst other reports:


Koda Capital also produces a Non Profit Sector Review.


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