12 Examples of KPIs for Board Members to Increase Your Fundraising Revenue

12 Examples of KPIs for Board Members to Increase Your Fundraising Revenue

KPIs for Board Members to Increase Your Fundraising Revenue

Board Members can play a key role to increase the fundraising revenues of small-medium non-profit organisations. Our Senior Fundraising Consultant Jeff Buchanan has worked for many years with non-profit boards. He shares insights to develop and implement key performance indicators (KPIs) for board members to increase your fundraising revenue.


The notion of developing and implementing KPIs for board members with regards to fundraising would understandably be regarded as a daunting prospect. However, the development of KPIs can be an important step to start a board discussion about fundraising practice and the nature of the effort required to lift fundraising performance to the next level.


What is a KPI and how to develop good KPIs?

A key performance indicator is a metric (number or ratio) to determine how an individual is performing against an organisation’s objectives.

Examples of KPIs for Board Members to Increase Your Fundraising RevenueIndicators must be chosen with care lest they have unintended consequences.

Good KPIs are:

1. Relevant

2. Available

3. Specific

4. Attainable

5. Measurable

6. Timely

7. Understood and Agreed

8. Reported

9. Resourced

10. Assessed


Examples of KPIs for Board Members of non-profit organisations

Begin with your organisation’s vision and strategy. It is also necessary that the board accepts that it should play a more active role in fundraising to raise more money.

Here is a list of entry level KPIs that you could consider for your Board Members, grouped by Critical Success Factor (CSF).

Board member contributions

1. Be a current financial donor. Give something every year. The organisation looks to the board for philanthropic leadership. 100% participation is important, even if the amount is token for some.

Donor engagement and appreciation

2. Make at least five ‘thank you’ phone calls to donors every year

3. Conduct at least one face to face conversation with a donor every year

4. Be involved in at least one face to face meeting with a donor and Advancement Manager/Principal/Foundation Chair every year

Involvement in prospect research and training

5. Engage in at least two discussions among Foundation members about key prospects or donors every year

6. Work on at least one research task about a key prospect or donor every year

7. Identify at least one new prospect or donor for further action every year

8. Undertake at least one fundraising training activity each year – either face to face attendance or a webinar

Meeting attendance

9. Attend 90% or more of applicable Foundation meetings

10. Attend at least 75% of applicable events every year

Improve fundraising process and practice

11. Each year, participate in at least one additional activity on a working matter such as a policy and procedure issue, or a planning meeting for a campaign or appeal

12. Submit to a review process every year with either Chair or suitable nominee (could be external)


As an action item for your next board meeting, consider taking this list of 12 KPIs and discussing them with the board to test members’ appetite for some entry level KPIs.


AskRIGHT can train and help Board Members embrace their fundraising role.




Jeff Buchanan

Jeff Buchanan

Senior Fundraising Consultant at AskRIGHT
Jeff has 15 years experience as a professional fundraiser and consultant, achieving considerable success for several organisations, and recognised by his peers for national awards.

To find out how Jeff can help your organisation, contact j.buchanan@AskRIGHT.com.
Jeff Buchanan

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